What is Safe Contractor Accreditation?

Safe Contractor is an accreditation service through ‘CHAS’, which demonstrates to potential clients that we meet specific standards of health and safety.

Why is Safe Contractor Accreditation so important to Fire Defence UK Ltd?

Safe Contractor shows that we take health and safety seriously. It is a framework to enable Fire Defence UK Ltd to review and audit health and safety policies, procedures and documentation. As it reviews health and safety procedures and proves that we can meet the required standard, it reduces the need to complete and submit multiple health and safety questionnaires to clients.

Safe Contractor is used by numerous public and private sector organisations as a pre-qualification, when they are short listing contractors, suppliers and consultants for jobs and potential contracts. When you become Safe Contractor approved, you are put onto the Safe Contractor database, which is used by many large household names. These larger clients have access to the list, as they know the companies on it are already achieving the required health and safety standards. If we are safe, so will our training and standards.

Safe Contractor Accreditation assesses a range of aspects of our business. We’ve listed just a few of the things we needed to ensure our safety and that of our clients:

  • Our Health & Safety Policy
  • Health & Safety arrangements
  • Work equipment procedures
  • Health & safety training – Staff, employees, and volunteers
  • First Aid Provision
  • Risk Assessments & COSHH Assessments
  • Accident Reporting
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Electrical Safety
  • Manual Handling Assessments.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

What are the Benefits of Being Safe Contractor Approved?

One of the main benefits to Fire Defence UK Ltd of being Safe Contractor approved is that we immediately display our compliance with health and safety law to potential clients. A current or potential new client will be more likely to consider our services over another company who isn’t Safe Contractor approved.

Going through the process of Safe Contractor really makes you step back and take a look at your health and safety practices. If you think something is going to stop you passing the Accreditation process, you are more likely to try and improve that area, which can only be a benefit to you clients, and any staff that you employ. Plus, as you begin to standardise your processes, it can help to improve communication and standards throughout the business.

Fire Defence UK Ltd are extremely proud of achieving this standard as it ensures that our safety and that of our staff,  current and future customers is at the forefront of our daily operations and service delivery.


CHAS Accreditation - Fire Defence UK Ltd

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