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Who should attend?

All Employees.

Evacuation and emergency procedures need to be carefully planned and carried out. Good quality effective fire training for all industry cannot be overstressed. Fire Defence UK Ltd has developed a fire safety training course specifically designed for the challenges faced by all industries. This bespoke course will be based around your current fire policy and fire evacuation procedure.

Fire Defence UK Ltd aim to deliver the courses effectively, efficiently and economically in order to achieve best value for our clients. This course can be delivered on the clients own premises or at a designated venue.

Maximum 12 students.


Maximum 2.5 hours

Course aim

The aim of this course is to provide all staff with suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training to enable them to manage the safe evacuation of fire zone areas during a fire situation utilising the policies, procedure and fire safety equipment provided within the workplace.

Course objectives

 To comply with current health and safety moral, contractual and legal obligations
 To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of staff
 To support the current policies and procedures in place with regards to fire safety and health and safety practices within workplace establishments

(All training delivered to BS5588 and the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005)

Lecture / Video presentation

 Fire classification
 Safety limitations
 Evacuation drill training and policy confirmation (bespoke)
 Basic fire risk assessment process
 Use of extinguishers - Practical - (Additional cost will be incurred - £30 per course plus 30 minutes)


 Front room fire
 Training needs – Reasons for staff training – Real life video
 Evacuation drill


 Manual handling
 Group exercises – Signs and symbols
 Fire safety – Risk assessment / exercise / or evacuation
 Health and safety quiz – End test

The above information is intended to give the student an awareness of the relevant legislation and their responsibilities, either as an employer or an employee.


All students will receive an individual certificate of attendance and the company will receive a group certificate for display on the premises. All certificates are included within the price of this course.