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Employers Fire Safety Responsibilities - Fire Defence UK

Employees responsibilities - Fire Defence UK

Under the terms of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 employers have many responsibilites

Employers should:

  carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace
  identify significant findings of the assessment and the details of anyone especially at risk. (NB These must be recorded when there are more than five employees)
  provide and maintain the precautions against fire that are necessary to safeguard those who use their workplace
  nominate people to undertake specific roles as required by the emergency plan
  consult their employees where people may be given specific roles and about proposals for improving fire safety
  inform other employers who have workplaces in the same building of any significant risks they find which might affect their employees and co-operate with them as necessary
  review the assessment every 12/14 months

Most workplaces are covered by the fire regulations. This puts responsibility on your employer to make sure that you and others are safe in the workplace if there is a fire.

But as employees you have responsibilities too. When you are at work employees should:

  understand and comply with safety policies in your workplace
  know what you should do if you discover a fire or hear the fire alarm
  know the arrangements for calling the fire brigade
  familiarise your self with your workplaces escape routes and fire exit signs
  know the locations and types of fire extinguishers and how to use them
  keep fire doors closed to stop the spread of fire, heat and smoke
  not smoke in "No Smoking" areas and make sure cigarettes are fully extinguished
  report your ideas for reducing the risk of fire in your workplace
  remind yourself of the fire safety issues affecting your workplace

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