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Who should attend?

All staff who are currently employed within the workplace, and including those who have a responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of visitors thereof.


Maximum 2 hours

Course aim

The aim of this course is to provide all staff with suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training to enable them to deal with a small fire situation utilising fire safety equipment provided within the workplace.

Course objectives

 To comply with current health and safety moral, contractual and legal obligations
 To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of staff
 To support the current policies and procedures in place with regards to fire safety and health and safety practices within workplace establishments
 To deliver the courses effectively, efficiently and economically in order to achieve best value for our clients. This course can be delivered on the clients own premises or at a designated venue *

(All training delivered to BS5588 and the Regulatory Reform Order 2005)

Course content

 Triangle of fire
 Fire development / behaviour
 Classification of fires
 Types of extinguisher / operation
 Safety limitations
 Dynamic risk assessment
 Evacuation procedures
 Use of fire blankets


 Fire safety videos – Room fire, types of extinguishers
 Human behaviour in fire
 Personal safety videos - Fire safety and procedures / sector specific videos


 Class “A” type fires
 Class “B” type fires
 CO2 demonstration and use
 Use of fire blanket
 Evacuation policy if applicable – Rendezvous points, fire marshals


This course is accredited to the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE) (pending accreditation process)


All students will receive an individual certificate of attendance and the company will receive a group certificate for display on the premises. All certificates are included within the price of this course.