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Bespoke Training - Meeting your needs

We are Fire Defence UK Ltd Fire Training Consultants based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with a network of Instructors covering the whole of the United Kingdom. We specialise in multiple areas of Fire Training across a wide range of industrial sectors. We have delivered Fire Training nationally to a large spectrum of industries. From Care Homes and Engineering Factories to Farming and Food Processing Factories all of whom have benefitted immensely from the training delivered to make their staff and premises safe from the destruction of a fire related incident. In addition to Fire Training, we also have our highly trained dedicated team of Fire Risk Assessors.

If you are unable to find a standard course in our training catalogue which meets your specific needs, we are happy to assist in the development of Bespoke Fire Training Programme, tailored or highly customised to your specifications and based on your particular requirements.

We are able to deliver your Fire Training not only in Sheffield, but anywhere in the UK at your place of work.

Why should you consider bespoke training?

Having a training course which has been exclusively developed to fit the requirements and structure of your business or organisation is an invaluable resource for your employees. Due to the fact that the training has been designed for your company, provides cost efficiencies, as it saves money that otherwise would be spent on travel and accommodation, not to mention the time and effort that would go into designing and conducting an in-house training course yourself. Additionally, a bespoke training helps you highlight the skills and areas which must be addressed within the context of your business to meet regulations such as the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

The benefits of Bespoke Fire Training can be summed up as follows:

  Right Fit: Fire Training courses will be designed for your staff and premises only, customised to your specific needs using up-to-date examples, case-studies and to your organisations fire safety policy and procedures.

 Time Efficient: As the training is provided only on the topics that are needed and required within the current Fire Safety Legislation, National Fire Safety Guide Lines & specific industry standards.

 Flexibility: The client can choose when and where the course will be delivered, at your premises or designated training facilities.

 Consistent Learning Experience: The training enables every delegate to have the same and consistent learning experience and will get them on the same "wavelength". Highly important when dealing with an emergency situation.

 Instructor Led Course: This frees up other staff to undertake normal duties and provides a degree of external assessment of staff capabilities and feedback. All of our instructors are skilled, experienced and seasoned trainers and have at least 20 years’ experience within Local Fire Authorities. (please see our Senior Instructor profile section).

How do you start creating your Bespoke Fire Training course?

The Bespoke Fire Training Course Development Process starts with the initial communication (email/telephone call) when you brief Fire Defence UK Ltd on your requirements. We immediately provide you with our Training Needs Assessment (Outline of training required) providing our views on how you can achieve your training goals. From there we will then provide you with the suitable training options (onsite training, training at our premises, or any other training facilities) and once you choose what the best option is for you, we will formulate and submit a Training Outline for your consideration/approval and a cost effective competitive quote offering exceptional value for money.


If you would like to find out more, please use the contact us link provided and one of our experienced team will guide you, or alternatively, email us on the details provided at the top of our web page and we can discuss your query accordingly.

We Hope to hear from you soon.